A week ago, I broke my ring finger. On my way out the door the next day to go do my Monday morning weight lifting workout, I realized that that probably was not a very good idea. As such, I took the last week off from lifting and just did a lot of running. Which I would have done anyway.

I went back to the gym this morning. My finger is mostly recovered; it is still sore and aches, but most of the swelling and just about all of the visible bruising is gone already. Granted, I probably did not really break the finger, or if I did it was really minor. But it was nice to be able to lift and not worry about dropping a heavy barbell because of the finger.

The lifting itself was no trouble at all. After I finished the sets, though, the finger definately ached. Stretching and flexing it made it worse briefly but better in the long run. I did not have any trouble with the snatch grip deadlifts or the romanian deadlifts, and the bulgarian split squats burned like normal but didn’t even make my finger take note. The same goes for the bridge exercise with a knee tuck on a swiss ball that Bud Gibson had turned me onto.

Speaking of which, he has a new exercise, BOSU Jackknifes, at his site that is fairly similar. I haven’t tried them yet, but plan on playing around with them at some point in the near future.