Sleep.pngA good tip for sleeping well is to not fall asleep in front of the television, or even to watch your TV directly before going to bed. If you actually fall asleep in front of the television, then chances are pretty good that you are in an optimum position for sleeping. You are probably sitting or lying on a couch with your body contorted in some fashion. This can lead to neck strain, and if the television is still on your sleep will be fitful from the outside stimulous. Bright lights and concentrating on the babble box can lead to eye strain, especially if all you do is close your eyes and snooze right afterwards. The same can be said to some extent for looking at a monitor in front of your computer right before bed time.

I have found that I sleep best if I look at a magazine or read a book for 15 minutes to an hour before going to sleep. I will lay in bed and read until I begin to feel my eyes drooping, whereupon I shut off the light and settle in. If I watch a movie right before going to bed, then my head is usually still full of loud noises and bright lights and I have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep.