Nike + iPodA couple of months ago, I mentioned a press release about how Nike and Apple have teamed up to create a system to integrate your running shoes with your iPod. One of the websites that I follow, My Southern California Trail Running, is written by an ultramarathoner that works for Nike. She has these points about the system to share:

– There are about 4 or 5 pairs of shoes that are currently Nike+ capable. More are on the way, including stability shoes and probably (let’s hope) trail shoes.
– The Nike+ sensor only weights 6.5 grams
– This only works with the iPod Nano because the iPod Nano has no moving parts and makes for a more stable device to run with (regular ipods have a hard drive which can get messed up from running)
– If you cut a hole in your non-Nike shoe and insert the sensor it’s only about 50% accurate. Nike wear tested it this way. however, I know some of you all may try this. If you do I’d be curious to hear your results
– The sensor is 92% accurate out of the box and 98% after it’s calibrated for each person

I still do not plan on purchasing either the shoes or the iPod, although I will be trying to train in some Nike shoes in a few months. Thanks to Jessica for a few more details on the system; I look forward to reading reviews about it. Hopefully her foot will heal quickly so that she can personally test the system out in her own training.