Over the past week I had a series of posts about the care and maintenance of running shoes. In case you missed any of them, they were:

  1. The Care and Maintenance of Running Shoes
  2. Keep your shoes dry but not near heat
  3. Keep your shoes dry by pulling the insoles out
  4. Remove rocks and mud from your shoes after your run
  5. What should you do if your shoes are sopping wet?
  6. Rotating your shoes can prevent injuries and prolong shoe life
  7. Label your shoes to avoid mixing and matching
  8. When choosing shoes, seek the help of an expert
  9. The Eight Categories of Shoes
  10. When you find shoes that work for you, stick with them
  11. Replacing your insoles can really help you…or really hurt you
  12. How to make sure your shoes fit correctly when you buy them

Now that I am back from my honeymoon, regularly scheduled features will be back starting tomorrow. I hope that this series was helpful to anybody that followed it, and that everyone found at least one tip that they wanted to start using.