This week last year was centered almost entirely upon football, with the exception of my getting engaged and a tip on how to help yourself lose weight.

  • Listed first but coming at the end of the week was my description of the best marathon training run ever, where I proposed to my wife after I caught up to her on a 17 mile training run. That was a lot of fun.
  • My thoughts on cutting out sugar water from your diet, and when you would and would not want to do that. Soda and sports drinks can make it more difficult to lose weight over just drinking water.
  • I described UMaine’s loss to Nebraska last year, but I neglected to mention that I got pulled over for an OUI after that game. Since I hadn’t been drinking anything but water I had no problems, but the cop did not believe that I could come out of a bar after 3 hours and not have had any alcohol. The folk I was driving home were definately not sober enough to drive, though.
  • Two NFL careers ended this week last year. Jerry Rice retired and Thomas Harrion had a heart attack. Despite hurting his ankle, Brett Favre still started though.