The NFL has a deal with Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour that allows NFL players to wear clothing with visible logos only if it belongs to one of those three companies. Reggie Bush has a huge contract with Adidas now, and was fined in the preseason for wearing their cleats. Sunday rolled around, and there he was with his bright gold shoes. Was he going to keep paying fines? Or did somebody notice that Reebok was owned by Adidas now?

No, apparently the NFL has struck a deal with Adidas that allows their brand to be shown. They ponied up some money, in other words.

This seems rather silly to me. I think that you should have some aspects of a team’s uniform that has to be just that: uniform. Things that they do not regulate, the players should be able to get whatever sponsorships that they want. I also think that it is rediculous that the coaches can no longer wear a suit on the sidelines. Instead, they have to wear branded clothing so that gift shop sales will be a little better.

It’s too bad that I love watching this game so much. Otherwise I might boycott it at their continued show of corporate greed when it comes to all things football.

(Source: The Times Picquayne – first note below the ad – via Sports Biz)