Icing Your WoesKnowing how to ice is important, but there are a few places on your body where you have to be a little more careful about how you go about icing yourself. Specifically, you never want to apply ice directly to your eyeballs or to testicles. You also do not want to follow the 20 minute rule for either; you should never ice your eyes or jewels for more than 10 minutes tops.

When you are icing your testicles, wrap the ice in a towel. Swelling can happen very fast down there, so getting the ice applied quickly (when necessary) is important. You should never allow the ice to come in direct contact with your testicles, and you should allow at least 20 minutes between icing sessions.

When you need to ice your eyeball, you will never apply ice directly to it. Instead, ice the bone above or below your eye instead. As with icing your testicles, be sure to ice for no more than 10 minutes at a time and to allow for 20 minutes between icing sessions. Icing for longer than that or more frequently can damage sensitive tissues.