Portland Trails 10k, Trail to AleThe Portland Trails 10k, aka the Tukey Trot 10k, aka the Trail to Ale, was run this morning. It also played host to the Maine Senior Games. It was rather warm with temperatures near 90º, but a constant breeze kept the course feeling a little cooler. Michael Slinsky won the race in 32:38, followed by Jason Cakouros in 33:15. Christin Doneski won women’s race in 38:20.

Tom Ryan won the Maine Senior Games in 35:52, which was run as part of the same race. He finished almost 10 minutes of second place David Colby Young.

There were 495 finishers this year, almost double the finishers from last year. There were many more racers from away than usual; the race was included as one of the pub series races this year which could explain it’s unexpected popularity and competitiveness. The course as usual was a little slow due to the footing and random pedestrians. There were only 4 dogs on the course today, though; all but one of the dogs stayed out of everybody’s way from what I heard.

I ran a slow 36:12, following TJ Hesler by 6 seconds. I lost 6 or 7 seconds while I was coming up on him at about mile 5.5 or 5.7 or so; there is only one spot where traffic crosses the course and I got blocked by a truck with a trailer. I considered hurdling the trailer, but it was moving and my skills are somewhat lacking in the steeple department. TJ is a better sprinter and would have beaten me anyway. I could certainly feel last Sunday’s race followed by last Wednesday’s race followed by a 15 miler at race pace on Friday afternoon. A few weeks off of racing is in store for my immediate future.

Cool Running has the complete results, as well as the results of the Senior Games.

Update: Portland Trails Pictures