The Back Cove 5k race series came to an end tonight. There were 59 people at the final race, which was run in a cool 60° with some fierce wind coming over Tukey’s Bridge. Blaine Moore won the race in 17:25, with Shale Rosen half a minute back. Lindsey Davis won the women’s race in 19:46, followed a minute later by Emily Durgin.

The final leaderboard for the overall standings are as follows:


  1. Mike Caiazzo 16:37
  2. Mark Goettel 17:11
  3. Blaine Moore 17:29
  4. Devin Shaw 17:50
  5. Dave Saltmarsh 18:19

  1. Lindsay Davis 19:59
  2. Lynne Davies 21:09
  3. Kim Key 22:31
  4. Leah Ricci 22:35
  5. Kristin Cook-Center 24:50

I want to extend a big thank you to the sponsors of 18 of my last 19 mid-week workouts. The Maine Running Company on Forest Avenue, Portland Trails, and Mizuno made this race series possible, along with all of the individuals who volunteered their time and effort every week for the last 5 months.

Update: Eric Boucher’s pictures of the Back Cove 5k