The full list of “How To” articles from the group writing project has been put up over at Darren Rowse’s site. There are 343 articles total, many of whom are really worth checking out. The top five exercise related guides (besides my article on how to tie your shoes) that I found in the list are:

  • How To: The Basics of the Breaststroke by Scott over at Timed Finals (b5 Media). He has quite a few How-To type articles about swimming at his site.
  • How to find your style -Martial Art for smart people by Kris at Gaijindo explains which martial arts to study based on why and how you want to learn.
  • How to achieve better results with spinning over at Cycling Training Tips was written by Jesper and gives four tips for being succsesful at spinning. Spinning is a group stationary bike ride.
  • How To Make Exercise A Permanent Habit In Your Life over at Ririan lists the benefits of regular exercise and 7 steps that you can take to make sure that you don’t fall off of the exercise bandwagon. I don’t use step 7 at all, though.
  • How to use High-Intesity Interval Training by Sarah over at Open Source Diet provides a simple way to get some high intensity exercise without having to buy any equipment or waste a lot of time before and after the workout.

There was also a contest associated with the group writing project. Five random articles were chosen to receive one of the prizes, and I managed to win a license to Expression Engine. Not too bad for only having a 1.5% chance of winning anything.