There seems to be a lot going on in the minors, this year. With the increased cash flow of minor league baseball teams, they have been able to break free of some of their affiliations for more advantagous positions with other teams.

With Allentown building a new baseball stadium, the Phillies affiliation with Scranton/Wilkes Barre is leaving town. They will still have a team there, it will just be affiliated with the Yankees rather than the Phillies. That leave Columbus open, which is where the Nationals are moving their farm team. Baltimore is kicking the Mets out of Norfolk so they can move their team out of Ottawa, which gives the Phillies somewhere to park their team until 2008 when their new stadium in Allentown is ready. The Mets are moving their AAA team to New Orleans.

This moves everybody closer to the MLB team they are affiliated with except for the Mets, who got run out of town. That’s a lot of shake up for only one level down from the majors.

(Source: Sports Biz)