Anybody that is at all interested in sports should be sick of hearing about Terrell Owens today. He took too many painkillers, mixing them with supplements, and went to the hospital. Whether he tried to commit suicide or just made a stupid mistake he teaches us a very valuable lesson that I have not heard anybody talk about all day. You need to be very careful when you take any sort of medication.

When taking painkillers, your judgement will be impaired. Never under any circumstances drink any sort of alcohol when you are taking painkillers, whether they are prescription or not. There are usually adverse reactions that you do not want to experience. Taking other supplements and other drugs should be avoided if possible. If you do need to take some sort of daily medicine or supplement, clear it with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any of the drugs. Drugs interact with one another in sometimes unpredictable ways, and if your doctor does not know that you are taking something they could prescribe the wrong medication. Once you start taking the drugs, your judgement is going to be impaired and you may not make the best decisions and can accidently mix more of the drugs together in your system.

In Terrell Owens case, my guess as soon as I heard the news, and which is mostly the official story now, is that he took some pain killers and mixed them with some supplements. They did not mix well, and he became groggy and accidently took more of the pain medication. When he was asked questions by the paramedics, he had no idea what was going on. Just because he overdosed does not mean that he was crying out for help or making up for a tough childhood. As much as I do not like Terrell Owens, I am glad that he is okay and I hope that people will forget about this and stop talking about it.