Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya won the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon today after his momentum carried his torso over the finish line. He slipped on a wet decal before the finishing mats and smashed his brain against the pavement. His doctor says that he will be all right and make a full recovery despite internal hemorraging in his brain.

There are two videos from CBS about it:

  1. Chicago Marathon Winner Hospitalized with Severe Head Injury
  2. CBS 2 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO » Men’s Elite Runner Falls at Finish Line

Cheruiyot won the race in 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 35 seconds. He beat second place Daniel Njenga (also of Kenya) by 5 seconds. Njenga has placed 2nd or 3rd in the past 5 Chicago marathons, and was very disappointed to learn that he did not win the race like he originally thought.