Dean Karnazes has finished his Endurance 50 event by running his 50th marathon in New York City. Apparently he was only about 10 minutes behind me or so, but I did not wait around to talk to him again. He ran his final marathon in just over 3 hours.

When I was reading the race coverage in the New York Times, they listed a number of celebreties and notable people who had run the race. I was surprised not to find Dean’s name on the list. You can read about his final race and you can see some statistics about his run the day after.

What I find interesting is that he began to exhibit withdrawel symptoms from not running a morning marathon within a few hours of skipping his first run. He ran the original NYC course in Central Park the night after the race; I wonder if he means he did all 5 loops or if he just ran one or two of the loops? My guess is the latter.

I am looking forward to the documentary, and finding out what sort of crazy stunt he is going to run next. Maybe he will try doing 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. I know that that one has been done before though; there were a few mountain climbers that did that 3 or 4 years ago if memory serves me.