This week last year was focused predominantly upon sports news. I wrote a very popular article about heart rate monitors and determining your maximum heart rate. If you are interested in that sort of thing, then a couple of weeks ago Complete Running had a series of articles on training with your heart rate.

  • I wrote a very popular article about heart rate monitors and how to determine maximum heart rate.
  • In running news, Kevin Collins won a 15 kilometer race off of casual training. I also went out and photographed the Hannaford Turkey Trot, which was won by my teammate, Devin Shaw. I didn’t know him last year, though, since I had not yet joined Dirigo. The teenagers had a great showing at that race after Devin came in.
  • An ex-NFL player who often spoke out against steroid use, Steve Courson died. His reasons for speaking out on doping was because of a heart condition he came down with from his own use of steroids, but that is not what killed him. A tree fell on him.
  • In baseball news, Bud Selig announced a new doping policy for MLB and A-Rod won the AL MVP. I thought that Ortiz was more important to the Red Sox than that A-Rod was to the Yankees, personally.
  • A referree went to jail for fixing Germon soccer matches. In other soccer news, George Best was put on life support following a lung infection.
  • I used a crunch machine for the first time last year. I never use it anymore, though.