The New England Patriots are claiming that StubHub, an online ticket reseller, is circumventing Massachusett’s anti-scalping laws and the team’s own policies in regards to the resale of tickets to their games. They claim that the website does not inform their users that what they are doing is illegal and can lead to the Patriots cancelling season ticket holders’ right to attend the games.

Some season ticket holders that have had their tickets cancelled have been trying to resell the tickets through StubHub, but the bar codes on the tickets have been cancelled.

The Patriots have their own system in place for season ticket holders to return their tickets for face value, which are then offered to people on the waiting list for their own season tickets.

Massachussetts law does not allow the resale of tickets for more than face value plus two dollars and the expenses for certain fees, but requires a special license from the state. StubHub has not commented yet on the lawsuit, claiming that they have not yet been served papers.