Thanksgiving week last year was pretty slow. There was some random football news, but it is not really very relevant anymore. Although it was kind of funny that Jay Feeley missed so many field goals.

  • I still believe that weighing yourself daily is not only a healthy thing to do but is also an important training and fitness tool.
  • I tried to figure out how to structure my workouts around the holidays.
  • I took a cue from Scott at Straight to the Bar and made myself some roasted vegetables; I highly recommend that you add them to your diet. I’ve found that this method works even better on the grill.
  • I found out that the Paul Bunyon Marathon would be coming back to Bangor in July of 2006. Chuck Engle wound up winning it in 2:41:39.
  • I disagreed with Todd Henderlong’s assertion that a 2 month break from training after a marathon was necessary. While it is certainly not a bad thing, I tend to look at it as more of an Autumn Luxery.