Having been banned from track and field for illegal doping, Justin Gatlin has started working out for different NFL teams over the past month. He has not played football since he was in high school. He has an appeal coming up early next year, but if he loses the appeal it would certainly help him to pay the bills and stay in shape for the next few years until he can return to the track circuit.

Justin Gatlin made news earlier this year when he broke the world record in 100 meters. Due to a timing error, his world record time was rolled back to equal the existing record set by Asafa Powell. It all became a moot point, however, when it was determined that Justin Gatlin was using some type of steroid and his records were dropped.

He specifically has worked out with the Houston Texans, but they apparently do not have any intention of offering him a contract right now. He did all right catching the ball as a receiver, and they were very impressed with his speed. They are not sure that he would be able to make that step up to a contact sport, no matter how fast he is.