The USATF has revised their zero tolerance anti-doping policy to include coaches, agents, and medical personnel. They will now require coaches to register in order to receive benefits from USATF, including credentials to national championships, stipends, positions on national team staffs and media exposure for themselves or their athletes.

By making the policy less athlete-centered, the USATF hopes to protect athletes and coaches by discouraging athletes from working with people who are likely to encourage them to cheat.

“This expansion of our Zero Tolerance policy provides protection for our athletes, the sport, and coaches who are doing things the right way,” said USATF CEO Craig A. Masback. “While USADA remains responsible for issuing doping bans, the Board of Directors recognizes how critical it is that we do everything we can to deny USATF benefits to those who may be influencing athletes to use drugs.”

I think that this is a good move by the USATF and I hope that the program has a positive impact. I think that coaches should be held accountable for the actions of their athletes; this will help prevent clean athletes from working with coaches who have a questionable history as well as good coaches from taking on bad eggs that might ruin their careers.