Having always been an active person, it is hard for me to tell people that I am happy because I exercise a lot. I know that it is true, but the only significant times I have not exercised have been when I was sick so I really do not have a good frame of referene. However, I read an article earlier today that does provide a frame of reference. FMF from Free Money Finance used to be unhealthy and had high cholesterol. He describes how riding a bicicyle saved his life.

All my adult life I’ve had borderline bad cholesterol. Since I started keeping track of my results in 1998, my total cholesterol has been at a high of 237 and a low of 216. […] So three years ago I took up cycling. […] Two years ago, after I had a year of cycling under my belt, I went in for a physical and had my blood taken. For some reason, I never received the test results and I never called to ask for them (I figured that if I was on death’s door, they’d call me.) Anyway, I recently went in for another physical and received the test results from 2005. My cholesterol was at a mind-numbingly-low 169!

In one year, his cholesteral went down the better part of 100 points. He has been working out consistently for 2 years since then, and expects that his cholesterol will be even lower now than it was then. He has saved himself a lot of money by becoming fit, despite the three grand or so that he has spent on cycling toys. He is healthier, he is happier, and he will most likely live longer to enjoy his life.

It was a good story and a quick read. If you are on the edge of starting a workout program, spend 3 or 4 minutes and head over to read his entire article.