Simon’s Haircut in Leh by Yodod

Photo by Yodod
Here is a simple tip that could help you (marginally) in your marathon: cut your hair.

Many people will sacrifice the safety of their feet to get shoes that weigh just a few ounces less in an effort to carry less weight during a race and to run faster. This could be a good idea as long as you get shoes that will support you throughout the entire race. Getting lighter shoes just for the sake that they are lighter may or may not be a good move.

Cutting your hair, though, can easily shave between 8 ounces and 5 or even 10 pounds off of the weight that you carry during the race. You may not think that it is worth losing the great look that you have, in which case you of course want to keep your hair. If you are going to be running a cold weather marathon, then it may also be a good idea to keep your hair.

For myself, though, I always get a flat top a week or so before the marathon. My hair really needed cutting for the past month and a half or so, but I am too cheap to get my hair cut too close to my last cut so I have waited until today to chop it all off. I personally like the look on me; my wife doesn’t really care for it so much.

Cutting my hair off gives me for the most part a psychological edge. I feel faster, I feel more aerodynamic, and my head will sweat a whole lot less. Other than the sweating, my mind is just playing tricks on me but it works for me. I did also lose a few pounds of hair. My guess is that I lost about two pounds worth of hair today; maybe a little less. Usually, I probably cut off around a pound of hair or less. I will not be wanting all that hair over the warmer months anyway.

In the long run, this may not make a difference in my time. It is a style that I like, though, and it will allow me to better enjoy myself during the marathon and it could have a small effect on my race in terms of how much I have to carry throughout the race and in any head games that I decide that I want to engage in.

Have you ever cut your hair or dramatically changed your hair style to accomodate your running? Do you have a great barber like I do? Share some stories. I’m wondering if anybody else has conciously done something like this.