This week last year was a taper week leading up to my Spring Marathon.

The biggest news this week last year, though, had to be Braxton Bilbrey‘s swim to shore from Alcatraz. I fully expect that we will be hearing his name quite a bit in a decade or so when he starts getting up to a competitive level. There are not many people who can set a long term goal that requires as much training for an open water swim like that at 7 years of age.

In running news, the Nike+ system was announced this week last year. Things have changed in the last year for me; I now wear Nike shoes and in the near future all Nike shoes will be Nike+ ready. However, since I still do not plan on purchasing an iPod let alone running with one, I don’t expect that this is a technology that I will buy into.

If you would like revisit a great exercise, Bud Gibson introduced me last year to the bridge w/knee tuck. You balance your arms on a bench and your legs on the swiss ball, and roll the ball to your chest. I really enjoyed this one, and have worked into my exercise routines a few times over the past year.