The Maine Coast Half Marathon is a new race this September that only allows registration from women. Registration is capped at 1500 women and one man.

If you want to be well and truly girled, here’s the perfect opportunity. The first Maine Coast Half Marathon at York, scheduled for Sept. 23, is a women-only event. Except for one guy, to be chosen by random lottery, from among the base population who put up $10 each in hopes of being the Lucky One. (The money goes to a scholarship for a deserving runner graduating from York High.)
“We’ve had mixed reactions to the idea,” says race director/Loco owner Mike St. Laurent. “Some guys are all over it. Some don’t want to be beaten by all those women. But a half marathon in South Dakota asked for permission to use the idea, which I though was kinda nice.”

I think that this is a great idea. I am trying to talk my wife into running the race; if she does then I am going to register for the lottery. If I win the lottery, then I can run the race with her and spend a lot of time amongst all the ladies. If I don’t win the lottery (which I probably wouldn’t) then I can bring my camera and get some good race photos throughout the course. Now I just need to talk her into registering for the race…

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