Mak Wai Ping @finishing line of Mizuno HK Half Marathon Championships 2007
Photo by Thomas Fan
I have known of the term getting girled for as long as I have been racing. At the Four on the Fourth this year, one of my teammates talked about getting geezered, which was the first time that I had heard that term.

Getting girled basically means that you were beaten by a woman, especially in a competitive race. You may see the term referenced if you were anywhere behind the first woman to finish, but most of the time you see it when you are outsprinted.

Getting geezered means that you have been beaten by somebody who has been a masters runner for a decade or two, although it could apply on a sliding scale depending upon how old you are and what your scale of reference is.

I have never heard of women saying that they “got guyed.” Maybe they will say it at the new Maine Coast Half Marathon this year, though.