Dean Karnazes has done a lot of incredible feats over the past few years, but setting the world record for treadmill running over a 24 hour period was not one of them. He managed to run over 130 miles, an equivalent of 5 marathons, but the record stands at 153.76 miles.

This record attempt was made in an effort to raise money for “Athletes for a Cure” and to promote Accelerade. “Athletes for a Cure” is dedicated to finding a cure for prostrate cancer. People were able to watch Dean run on the treadmill, which was on a platform attached to the Reuters building in Times Square, from 3 different webcams.

While running for 130 miles is impressive in and of itself, I can not imagine running it on a treadmill. I could not understand it when the Great Lakes HSA 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge was going on, and it makes even less sense when you are the only person doing the running rather than participating in a relay.

(Official Site: Accelerade 24-Hour Endurance Run)