Question MarkSince I have been getting a few more reader questions lately, I thought that I would make a slightly more regular feature out of it than has previously been the case. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, then please feel free to email me.

“G” is somebody I know locally outside of the running community, and he asked me:

I got conned into running the 5 miler at the Yarmouth clam festival.

I don’t have any good running clothes… anything you recommend? I was gonna hit dick’s sporting goods and pick something out, but I wanted to see if you knew of anything special I should look for.

I was just wondering about attire – I’ve been ramping up my running lately and starting to chafe a bit, so thought I’d invest in something decent so I don’t sever my leg at the thigh.

When it comes to clothing, it doesn’t really matter. If you expect that you are going to run on a regular basis, then you should get some running shorts with the liners. There will be way less chafage, and way more comfort. If you were only planning on running this one race, then I recommend wearing briefs and whatever shorts you have. Don’t wear a swim suit under any circumstances; that’s just asking for pain.

Any brand of running shorts will work, although I like the Race-Ready shorts. I only have one set, but they have velcro key pockets rather than just the one sewn inside the liner, as well as some mesh pockets along your back. The only time I use them in short races is in the Winter when I need to do something with my gloves, but they are handy for the longer runs.

I prefer to avoid cotton when it comes to shirts, but there is nothing wrong with it. Any t-shirt will do. If you want to get fancy, a singlet or a polyester t-shirt will be more comfortable. If you are willing to spend the money and will run enough to make it worthwhile, then getting some sort of technical fabric will be worth it, especially since the race that you are planning on running has historically been very hot every year.

If it’s easier, you should head over to Maine Running Company instead of Dicks. John Rogers does a lot of good in the local running community so I point people his way whenever I can. Maine Running Company is where Walkabout used to be (well, actually, still is) on Forest Ave across from the Great Lost Bear in Portland. There’s a parking lot behind the store but the access is right before you get there so you have to keep your eye out.