The IAAF has finally agreed to work with Oscar Pistorius to determine whether he is actually a good runner or whether he gains an advantage from having prosthetic limbs.

Pistorius, who complained earlier this month he was not getting support from the IAAF, said he was pleased to help conduct research “so that we can jointly come to a fair and educated conclusion.”

“There is much at stake personally and for the future of all amputee athletes, and I applaud the IAAF for recognizing that,” Pistorius said. “By aligning experts from prosthetics and biomechanics, I believe we will be able to put this issue to rest one way or the other.”

The research will happen at the German Sport University in Cologne. The tests themselves should only take several days, and data analysis will probably take about 3 weeks.

By September, the IAAF may have a definitive conclusion about what is allowed and what is not allowed, and everybody can stop all of the knee jerking that has been going on while Oscar attempts to run an Olympic qualifying time.

(Source: ESPN)