little girl with a stethoscope
Photo by NCBrian
When was the last time that you visited your doctor? Were you sick, or were you just getting a checkup?

Any time that you visit a fitness website, they always recommend that you visit your doctor before starting a new program and that you keep your doctor informed of what you are doing. I think that that is a good idea. I think that seeing your doctor every year for a physical is also a good idea, no matter how healthy you are.

Today I followed my own advice. It’s been 14 or 15 months since I last visited my doctor, mostly because my doctor left the practice that I was going to and insurance is not a big fan of my visiting anybody other than my primary care physician. His new practice isn’t taking any new patients, so I had to switch my PCP to the person assigned to me by my original practice.

Not surprisingly, I am healthy. I haven’t had a female doctor since I was a young teenager, but it was not as awkward as I thought that it would be. She asked a bunch of questions to which I answered no to almost all of them, did a few tests, and spent a little time talking about my exercise and diet.

Was the trip absolutely necessary? Probably not. I am still happy that I made the trip for a few reasons:

  • My blood pressure is nice and low. Good to know.
  • I don’t have any obvious cancers that have gone unnoticed (either skin or otherwise.)
  • My heart murmur is all but unnoticeable these days.
  • I confirmed that I don’t need pre-meds any more when I visit the dentist. (That’ll save a few bucks and keep me from taking unnecessary antibiotics in the future.)
  • There is a record of my good health should that ever become necessary.
  • I got to meet my new doctor before I actually get really sick.
  • I was offered a flu shot 2 or 3 times. I got one through work a few weeks ago though.
  • There is no junk in my retinas or my ears that I need to worry about.

When was the last time that you visited your doctor?