Luke KibetLast Tuesday, former Olympian Lucas Sang was murdered after violence erupted in Kenya following the political elections. Hundred of people have been killed as the violence continues.

Luke Kibet was seriously injured and is currently recovering from a head wound and brain shock. Most reports have him reported as having been hit in the head by a rock, but others state that he survived a machete attack. This past August, Luke Kibet won the men’s marathon at the world championships in Osaka.

He has had to pull out of a half marathon next weekend and is forbidden to train for the next two weeks by his doctor. I hope that he can recover in time for the London Marathon in April, and is able to get back into racing form before the Summer Olympics.

Update: The New York Times lists the known whereabouts and trials of quite a few of Kenya’s top runners and what they are doing in an attempt to stay in shape when it is too dangerous to go outside.

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