This week last year was a pretty light week, and was dominated by an article about resolutions. The funny thing is that that article is much more popular this year than it was last year.

  • The year began with a diatribe about why new year’s resolutions are bad for you. They enourage procrastination, the weather can be demotivating, and at times it can be down right dangerous. I considered writing this article this year, but a quick search of my archives and I found that I had already written it last year! That was convenient…
  • Scott created a weight lifting glossary to begin our series on Equipment.
  • I reviewed the No Excuses Gym website. I haven’t really been following the site any more for the past year, though.
  • This week two years ago, I reviewed the PowerBar ProteinPlus bars. They took a little getting used to, and I don’t use them anymore due to their price. I also continued my animated series by demonstrating one method of doing back extensions. One tip that I still use and have used almost every day for the past few years (and before that) is to keep a water bottle handy at all times.