John Dunton in the Bangor Daily NewsHow far would you run to see a movie?

Last week, there was a 1 night showing of The Spirit of the Marathon in 1 theater here in Maine.

Crow Athletics and the Spudland Racers got together to send some runners down to Brunswick to catch the movie last Thursday evening.

The catch? They lived in Bar Harbor, which is 130 miles north of Brunswick.

The idea started out as a random conversation between a few friends wondering how cool it would be to do a relay down to watch the movie. Things spun out of control, as they usually do, and the media got wind of what was going on.

“The amazing thing is the word or mouth thing. We never asked for the excess media attention. We just said let’s run to Brunswick, simply because we can,” Gary Allen said. The idea of running from Bar Harbor to Brunswick “happened so quick we haven’t added a lot of hype about it.”

You can read about some of the local media attention here:

So, how far would you run to see a good movie?