It was not too long ago that Tyson Gay ran the fastest 100 meters that any human has ever done. He had the assistance of a good tailwind, which will keep him out of the record books, but that is still impressive none the less.

Even so, he is stronger in the 200 meter distance than in the 100 meter distance, and was one of the favorites to challenge Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell at the Olympics. Unfortunately, he pulled his hamstring during the Trials and so he won’t be competing.

“Before I went out on the track I felt a little tightness in my hamstring. So I had kind of a bad feeling. When I came off the curve the first two steps were fine, and then I felt it, sort of a pull, about 40 meters in. Once I was on the ground it didn’t hurt as much as when it happened.”

If you haven’t seen Tyson Gay’s fall yet, here’s a video:

Both Gay and his trainers and coaches are confident that he will be ready to race in Beijing this August. He is still scheduled to compete Aviva London Grand Prix on July 25, and his cramps should not affect him past his 12-14 days of active rest to rehab it.

Gay went through an MRI to determine the extent of the damage he has only suffered a mild strain. He should make a full recovery and still be competitive next month. The fall looked much worse than it actually was, thankfully.

I am looking forward to watching him compete in Beijing. It is too bad that he’ll only be able to run in the 100 meters, but as they said in the video, America’s motto is “What can you do for me today?” and not “What have you done for me in the past?

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