Mike Brooks (27:54)

Mike Brooks (27:54)

Emily’s Run 5k was this morning, continuing the Greater L/A Triple Crown racing series. It was a beautiful morning, which helped 369 runners find their way to the finish line.

Stan Pyle asserted a firm lead in the series with a win today in 16:28. The women’s race was won by Erica Jesseman in 18:25. Both Stan and Erica donated their prize money to the Emily Fletcher Foundation. For the series, Anne Martin is in the lead for the ladies with her 2nd place finish today.

The race couse has a lot of rolling hills and quite a few turns, especially late. The first kilometer predominantly climbs, and then the next two kilometers lead into a rather steep downhill section. It’s certainly not a course to leave you bored, with minimal space devoted to flat roads.

You can see the course elevation below:

My race went rather well. I started out with the second pack, but by 2k had worked my way into third place where I’d remain the rest of the race. I was hoping to average anywhere between 3:20 and 3:25 per kilometer and managed to run at 3:21/pace.

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