It was a beautiful evening for a run tonight. Now that week 12 is under the bag, there are only 6 races left so if you haven’t run yet then you need to show up next week in order to appear on the leader board.

Chris Harmon made his first appearance since week 3, repeating his first place performance. Heather Pagano ran her fastest time this season, coming across first in the ladies’ race in 18:32. She’ll still need to cut another 16 seconds off of her time in order to retake the course record.

Scott Gorneau (01:44:50) didn’t race this week, but maintains his lead in the overall standings. Chris Reynolds (01:49:31) made his debut on the leader board in 3rd place.

For myself, I fell back a little as David Mann (01:50:51) improved his time by over half a minute to push me back a spot. I did not improve my time at all as I took a nice leisurely jig jog with my wife. My race was actually at a 20 second per kilometer slower pace than my warmup or cool down.

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