There have been 15 races so far in the Weekly Back Cove Series, which means that there are 3 weeks left to go after this evening’s race. The conditions were absolutely beautiful tonight, with clear skies, a light breeze and temperatures in the low 70s. Others must have agreed with me, because there were 109 finishers in tonight’s race.

Dan Vassallo came out to give the series a try, and in doing so he lowered Troy Hull‘s 2004 record by 9 seconds to win the race in 15:39. He led 2nd place Claton Conrad by 46 seconds.

Liz Turner also came out for the first time this year to win the women’s race in 19:22.

With none of the principal players competing tonight, the series standings remained the same at the top.

I used the race as a final tune-up workout to get some 5k race pace repeats in. I ran the first kilometer easy, the second kilometer in 3:08, the next two kilometers easy, and then ran the last kilometer plus at 3:03 pace. I felt very comfortable the whole way through and didn’t have any trouble on the repeats, so I’m hoping that I can string 5 of those together in a row this weekend and meet my goals.

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