This morning was the 10th annual Dan Cardillo Memorial 5k, which is run in memory of Dan Cardillo and to which all proceeds go towards his charitable fund. The light rain and dreary skies didn’t keep the runners away this morning, with 306 people running the race. This race is popular for local runners because it is very flat and relatively fast.

The race went out at a pedestrian 3:10 for the first kilometer, until Nor’Easter runners Robert Gomez (2nd/15:47) and Jeff Sqrague (3rd/16:02) pulled in front of eventual race winner Ethan Hemphill (1st/15:31) and tried to put the sag on and slow down the pace further. Ethan got around them and picked up the pace, splitting up the lead pack into 2 groups.

The Nor’Easter runners managed to win the team event by 6 seconds, taking the 2-3-5 slots to Dirigo’s 1-4-6 slots, 48:08 to 48:14. I was about half a minute behind the pace that I wanted, finishing in 6th place overall with a time of 16:27 and about 8 seconds behind Nick Scott, the 3rd Nor’Easter runner.

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