I’ve finally finished putting together my new Coaching Session CD, which is compiling as I type this. About a month ago, I did an interview with Tom Ryan about how he has become so competitive as an older runner, regularly running faster than people half of his age. Tomorrow, I plan on releasing a few tracks so that people can sample what Tom has to say.

However, it is currently past midnight and I’m not much of one for all nighters, so rather than try to decide which tracks to release, I am going to give you all the entire track list of topics and let you decide which ones I should release! I will be putting them together on Friday afternoon or early evening, so they should be available shortly after dinner.

Here is the list of tracks:

  • 01 Opening Call Summary
  • 02 Introductions & Tom’s Running History
  • 03 Inspiration and Motivation for Getting Out The Door
  • 04 How To Plan Out Your Year From Season to Season
  • 05 The 2008 Beach to Beacon: An Impromptu 50+ 10K Championship
  • 06 How To Maintain A High Level of Performance On Relatively Low Milage
  • 07 How To Balance Weekend Races with Mid-Week Track Workouts
  • 08 How To Deal With Recovery In Your 50s Compared to 3 or 4 Years Ago
  • 09 Unexpected Changes Over The Course of the Past Few Years
  • 10 How To Find People To Train With Every Day
  • 11 Nutrition & Diet
  • 12 The Difference In Body Weight From Tom’s 20s through His 40s and 50s
  • 13 Serious Running Injuries and How To Stay Healthy
  • 14 How To Choose Running Shoes
  • 15 How To Maintain Focus Through the Middle Of A Race
  • 16 How To Formulate a Race Plan & Choose Specific Splits
  • 17 How Many Races Tom Does Per Year & At What Distances
  • 18 Opening Up To Questions: Welcome John
  • 19 Strengthening Core Muscles
  • 20 Weight Training & Yoga
  • 21 Treadmills & Training Outside in Winter Weather
  • 22 The Benefits of Screw Shoes
  • 23 Training Paces On Long Runs Compared to Races & Other Runs
  • 24 Case Study: Setting Goals
  • 25 Clothing Choices to Protect Your Respiratory System in Cold Air
  • 26 The Root Causes of Knee Problems & Other Ailments
  • 27 Transitioning From Walking to Running During Marathon Training
  • 28 Training Logs
  • 29 Case Study: How To Pace a Friend in a 100 Miler While Training For 5Ks
  • 30 How To Train For Endurance
  • 31 How To Fuel Yourself In Endurance Running
  • 32 Respiratory Problems / Asthma / Cold Air (Revisited)

I will probably be releasing 3 or 4 of them, depending upon how ambitious I am, so vote for the topics that interest you most. Most of the tracks are between 2 and 5 minutes long each.

You can either leave a comment below, or you can send me an email. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!