What would you say if I told you that you could run faster as a 50 year old than you did as a 46 year old? How about if I told you that it’s possible to run within 1 minute of your 5k PR that you may have set in your 20’s when you are in your 50’s, and that that is a time that would make you competitive with guys half your age? What if I told you that those times could come after a 15 year layoff from the sport?

If I told you all of that, what you would you say? You might say that I was going to interview Tom Ryan again, except that this time you are going to make sure that you are on the call so that you could hear what he has to say!

Tom RyanA month and a half ago, Tom Ryan and I got on the phone with some of you readers and answered not only all of the questions that I wanted answered (as a late 20’s runner hoping to be half as good as he is when I’m in my 50’s) but also the questions that you wanted answered. We not only collected questions ahead of time, but we also answered questions live from callers who wanted help with their own training.

Tom is a great guy and a great resource, and he has agreed to do an encore call this Saturday, October 25th at 2:00. If you want to be a part of the call, then I recommend going here to sign up right now: http://www.runtowin.com/ask/Tom-Ryan.html

We’ll be going over some of the original questions again, but we will also be answering new questions that you want to ask! You can’t afford to miss this call.

As John Ambold (of Boston, Mass) said, “I can tell you that I found that teleconference to be one of the most informative running discussions that I have been involved with, and I think I got more out of it than any in which I have been involved.

So click here now and sign up so that you don’t miss out on this jam-packed call.