Congratulations to Erik Barr for starting with a 1 mile run at the beginning of November and adding 1 more mile each day through the beginning of December, when he ran 31 miles. Erik ran a total of 496 miles (although he snuck a few extra in there so that he could have 500 miles total for the month) with the last 5 days of the contest requiring him to run further than a marathon each day.

Not too bad for somebody that has never run an ultramarathon before.

Ted Niemanm almost made it to the finish, but he had to drop out and concede to Erik on the second to last day after developing shin splints.

With Erik making it all the way through December 1st, the charity money has been doubled with $200 going to each of NAMI of Hawaii and Mercy Ministries. Congratulations, Erik, and hopefully next year I can take part in the contest (and maybe convince a few friends to join in as well.)

(More Info: One More Mile)