Here is another video from the Blackstrap Hell Trail Challenge, this time from gIANt Parlin. As in yesterday’s video, the transcription is after the break:

Pre-race instructions:

“Everybody has, I think, a race map. It is a well marked course.

“This is just to give you a little bit of extra confidence. I’m sorry that I didn’t include any of the surrounding country; some of you may need that.

“It’s a mix of single track and some very wide snowmobile trails and even some logging roads.

“It is, I’m not going to lie, it’s slippery! Okay, there are wet leaves everywhere.

“The single track you are not even going to recognize as a trail because there are so many leaves on the floor.

“And, if your shoes are not wet now, then they are going to be by the time you get to the starting line!”

Post-race testimonials:

How did it treat you?
“I fell.”
How many times?
“Only 3! Yeah, the course was sweet. Then again, it was totally a mud/slosh/fest/thing, so I expected to fall. But it was awesome!”

How did it treat you?
“Oh it was grand, yeah!”

So what did you think, worth doing?
“Yeah…it was fun, parts of it, it’s fun to be done, I guess…”

So what did you think, worth doing?
“Yeah, it was great, I had a good time. Sort of a last minute thing, but it was fun. Challenging.”

What did you think?
“It was good, it was good. Course was great, slippery as all get out. The shoes I had are great on wet rocks, but not on wet mud, heheh. I was all over the place! Good time, good time!”

“Am I going to go on your blog?”