Have you ever received a run as a birthday present? Michael Chambers has. For his 40th birthday this year, his wife arranged for Richard Kiplagat to go for an 8 mile run with him.

Kiplagat splits his time between Marakwet, Kenya and New Milford, N.J. He is a 10-time all American from Iona, and has become one of the most competitive road racers in the world since graduating in 2006.

The pair ran 8 miles in about 7 minute pace, with Kiplagat pushing Chambers just enough to see how fast he could go. Chambers’ most recent marathon was a 4:08 earlier this year in New York City. After the run, the pair had lunch with Chambers’ family and posed for some pictures.

In February, Chambers and his wife will be flying to Kenya to spend some time at the training center in Iten, Kenya, which is run by Lornah Kiplagat, Richard’s older sister. Getting Richard to come visit for a run was just a bonus gift for the actual day of Chambers’ birthday.

(More Info: NY Times)