All of this week I will be sharing some tips on Winter Running Apparel, with some strategies on how to keep yourself warm, safe and comfortable in cold and dark running conditions. Today is the 2nd of 6 videos, with strategies on how to keep your hands warm.

Hello. This is Blaine Moore from and I’m going to show you a few things about winter running apparel so that you can go out and be prepared for the colder weather as it comes in.

Your Hands

When you get to your hands, they also are going to get really cold. A lot of times, one pair of gloves is usually going to be enough, but if it’s really cold you might want to wear a second pair of gloves. These gloves here you’ll notice are half mittens, they keep the fingers near each other so that they are a little warmer. And on the cold days, what I’ll do is I’ll actually wear these on the outside and then I have a pair of smaller gloves on the inside. Then I can just either carry these gloves once I’m warmed up or I can put it into a pocket or throw it on the side of the road to pick up later.