Untamed New England bikersThe Adventure Racing World Series is going to make it’s way to North America in 2009 now that they have added Untamed New England to it’s lineup of qualifying races. The Adventure Racing World Series currently consists of 10 races spread throughout the calendar year and across the globe. With the addition of Untamed New England, Americans now have a more local option for qualifying for the championship race in Portugal next November.

For three days, July 9-12 2009, teams will race non-stop through the mountains, rivers, and forests of Untamed New England. They must travel under their own power. Teams will navigate with map and compass through pine forests, wetlands, and mountains; paddle rivers fed by melting snow; bike staggering mountain passes and twisty trails; dangle from ropes on exposed cliff faces.

The racing is non-stop until they cross the finish line. There are no aid stations, no support crews, no specified “rest” periods; it’s just the team, totally self-sufficient, against the Untamed New England course.

Adventure racing can be a lot of fun and is a whole different experience than your standard road or trail race. I’ve never done a multiday event, but I had a blast at the shorter adventure races that I’ve done in years past.

I’m glad that the world series has added a North American event. The world series also has events in Brazil, Portugal, Ecuador, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and France.

(More Info: ARWS – Photo Credit: Untamed NE)