Will Reid and Drew WittigTonight was the 2nd of 19 installments in this year’s Back Cove Weekly Series. The weather was pretty ideal for running, with temperatures in the mid-60s and a slight breeze.

There were 175 finishers this week.

Curtis Wheeler took the lead in the race about 1.25 miles into it, beating Blaine Moore by 12 seconds with a time of 17:19.

Jamie Young led the women with a time of 22:43.

Before the race, I was deputized to start the video camera at the finish line after I finished, so check out Maine Running Photos sometime tomorrow for that to get posted. It took me a few minutes to find the camera bag and get it set up but I’m pretty sure I only missed the first 7 or 8 finishers. I’ll find out when David uploads it.

He has quite a few pictures up from the race (including the great shot above) so check out his pictures from the link below.

This week I managed to forget to restock my desk with various snacks so I literally ate nothing but breakfast and lunch today. I even forgot to pack a banana. On a brighter note, I ran the 5+ miles to the starting line and then found another trail that cuts about 4/5 of a mile of roads out of the run on my way back. I was a bit tired today.

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