200 runners took part in last night’s Back Cove race, enjoying the sunny temperatures in the low 70s in downtown Portland.

(Somebody pretending to be) Jorma Kurry ran for the first time this year, finishing first in 16:32 with nobody anywhere near him. Abbey Gosling has started a new win streak with her 19 minute finish, cutting 20 seconds off of her overall time on the leader board to 1:54:21. There weren’t any changes at the top of the men’s leader board, with me still leading the way in 1:45:59.

The leaderboard gained 10 new runners this week and now stands at 84 runners having run at least 6 of the 11 races so far. The 4 people that had run all 10 races through last week all came back this week, so we still have 4 runners who have finished every race so far this year.

I didn’t make it to the starting line this week. I hurt my right foot on Tuesday evening so I decided to take it easy yesterday and not do any running, and stuck to just doing pushups instead.

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