Eddie Izzard is a British comedian that is better known for his lifestyle choices (as a transvestite) and for his acting and stand up routines than he is for his sporting activities.

Eddie IzzardThis Summer, though, he decided to raise money for “Sport Relief” by going for a few runs. In the course of 7 weeks, he ran 43 marathons throughout the UK. “I might as well say that I’ve just eaten a car,” he said in response to how people have taken the news.

Saying he ran 43 marathons is actually a bit of an estimate; most of his runs were at least 27 miles in length and some were as long as 31 miles. Before this promotion, Eddie had never run further than 5 miles at a time.

“I feel really good. My legs hurt, my body hurts, I’m very tired. I lost my toenails, had blisters and stuff, but to finish – it’s kind of like science fiction in a way.”

He managed to raise over £200,000 (about $330,000.) It’s an amazing feat, and Eddie is to be commended for it.

He says that plans to keep running, but not quite as much. Which is understandable, since he’s about to start a 44-date tour for his stand up comedy routine. No rest for the weary…

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