National Runners MonthI just heard that Dick’s Sporting Goods is declaring May 2010 National Runners’ Month, and is celebrating this announcement by sponsoring 10 races across the United States that expect to see a combined 75,000 finishers.

The races take place between May 2nd and June 5th.

They’ll be starting a social media campaign and designing tools for runners such as iPhone Apps in an attempt to encourage current runners to get out and start their racing seasons and to inspire new runners to lace up their shoes.

“Dick’s Sporting Goods is proud to support running at such a high level, both inside our retail stores and in the communities we serve,” said Jeffrey Hennion, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Dick’s Sporting Goods. “We have partnered with ten extraordinary running events to help launch Dick’s Sporting Goods National Runners’ Month. We are aiming to bolster running’s tremendous, recent growth and fuel the popularity of one of the healthiest recreational and fitness activities.”

Here’s a list of events they are helping to put on:

  • Alexandria Running Festival, Washington, D.C., May 2
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 2
  • Chuy’s Hot to Trot, Austin, Texas, May 8
  • Palos Verde Marathon, Los Angeles, California, May 15
  • Strawberry Festival, San Diego, California, May 30
  • Brentwood 10K, Los Angeles, California, May 30
  • Stillwater Marathon, Stillwater, Minnesota, May 30
  • Ridge Run 10K, Chicago, Illinois, May 31
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Bolder Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, May 31
  • Starlight Run, Portland, Oregon, June 5

Will you be able to run in any of them?