Patriot’s Day is on Monday, which means that it’s Boston Marathon weekend!

Will you be there? If so, keep an eye out for me.

I was hoping to get to the expo this weekend, and may still get there on Sunday, but I think that the best bet to catch me there is going to be late this afternoon or early this evening.

I won’t be able to make it to the expo tomorrow because I will be running the marathon down in Exeter.

Sunday is still open but I might not actually get into Boston at all, weather dependent.

And of course, on Monday I’ll be watching the race. Forecasts right now look pretty good for the runners, which tempts me to register for next year’s race solely to see if there’s really bad weather. When I run, it’s no good, when I don’t, it’s beautiful.

Either way, this year I’ll be cheering from the base of Heartbreak Hill, most likely, so if you’re going to be running then leave a comment and let me know what you’ll be wearing so I can try to keep an eye out for you. I’ll check in on Sunday at some point to see who is running.

Good luck, and fast times!