custom bikeToday is National Bike to Work day, so I gave my bike a quick tune up last night and rode into town this morning.

Hopefully this year I’ll do a better job of actually riding the bike in to work or at least running home on days when I can get a ride in to town.

According to Kiplinger, I can save about $10.10 per day by riding my bike to work instead of driving after fuel, maintenance and insurance costs are figured in.

In that spirit, I just found out about an awesome contest sponsored by my friends at Atayne.

How would you like to win a $4500 custom bike that you could use to do your commuting? (Or cross training, or triathlons?)

Atayne and DORNBOX have teamed up to give away a bike with a frame made custom for the winner on 4th of July weekend.

The contest is very simple, you just need to upload a photo of you wearing an Atayne shirt to the contest web site, and they will pick somebody at random as the winner.

For my own entry, I uploaded a photo of me in front of the Olympic Track in Athens that my wife took last year while we were on vacation.

So, if you enjoy triathlons, or you want to do more biking as a great means of cross training to improve your running, or just want a really nice bicycle, there’s an opportunity to win one for free: