Randy and BlaineI think that I probably wasn’t alone while dreading the 5k last night. When I left work, it was 91 degrees out with no air movement.

Thankfully, by the time that I drove to the race start, about 5 miles towards the ocean, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and a nice breeze had kicked up. All in all, it was very pleasant running conditions!

Fast runners were coming out of the wood work for the race this week, with Noah Schoneberg leading the way in 17:11 with Ron Wayne, Matt Lane and Tom Ryan. Kelly Nichols had a good lead to win the women’s race in 21:37.

Since I ran a speed workout on Monday evening and have 2 races scheduled this weekend, I had planned on just doing some pickups in my huaraches to get used to running fast in them. I wound up running and chatting with Dave Manz the entire way, though, as he took it easy during his taper for the Vermont City Marathon.

212 people made it out to the run this week, 43 of whom have run all 3 races so far. There are 465 people registered for the series, 311 of whom have run at least one race. There have been 493 finishers between all 3 races.

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